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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to register on

Yes, it is free to register.

How can I sell my business via,

Please check the How it Works section to know how we can help you sell your business.

Is it free to create a listing?

Please check the Pricing page for the information.

Is this a free classified website?

This is not a free classified website. This is a premium and exclusive meeting place for genuine sellers and serious buyers and therefore you get genuine response only. You pay nominal service charges for your listing to quickly close the deal. We charge this fees to make sure that you are contacted by serious and genuine buyers.

How do I register?

Registration is simple and free. Click on 'Register' link. Then complete your personal information, listing information, attach pictures, presentation etc.

Why do I need to provide my working phone number to register?

We need your real/working contact number to understand your real interest to help you accordingly. Also, we require your number to help you communicate with the third party. Please note, we do not share your contact number with any third party, without your consent.

Let's see what responses I get before paying?

You have all the right to wait and see how the system works for you and that's why we provide a limited free trial to all our users. Having said that we request clients to opt for our premium services so we can provide faster and better quality services to them and help them reach their goal sooner.

What value will I get from team?

We provide a host of value added services to our clients based on their requirements. For details on the same we request you to email us on [email protected]. Our team of experts would be happy to provide you with suitable assistance.

How can I upgrade?

Upgrading your membership is quite simple. Go to your Dashboard and click on Profile, on the page that appears click on Upgrade Membership and you shall be directed to the page that has the various membership packages that we offer, please choose the most appropriate one and click on the Upgrade Membership link at the bottom.

Will you disclose my Personal, Business and/or Contact information to any client on the platform?

We believe in maintaining confidentiality, your personal, business and contact information will not be disclosed to anyone. They can only view information provided in the listing and based on that make a decision to contact you; unless you have exclusively given the authority to share your contact details.

What additional support I can get from you?

We offer additional benefits to our premium clients, the details of which can be checked on our Pricing page. Along with that we also offer other value added services through our network of professional Service providers registered with us, who can help you with all additional services that you might require during the process of business buy and sell.
If you need any assistance during any process, simply email us on [email protected]. Our team of experts will be happy to provide you with suitable assistance.

How does a listing look like?

Click here to see sample listing.

My listing is coming up for renewal. Does my listing renew automatically?

In an effort to ensure the highest levels of security, we do not hold your credit card details on file. We cannot offer automatic renewals service for your listing, and you will be asked to re-enter your payment details whenever you renew a listing.

Why has my account been blocked/ deactivated?

This generally happens when an account holder tries to contact high number of listings in a short time, the system automatically blocks such accounts. In such case we request you to contact our Customer Service Associates and explain your interest. If you are not interested in any specific listing/s and are just looking to promote your services we will not be able to help you any further. This is a part of the company policy and has been decided by keeping everyone's best interest in mind.

How do we know that the business seller / buyer is genuine?

We only provide credible source to contact business sellers / buyers. However, no due diligence has been carried out for any of the businesses but if you want we can get you in contact with individuals and institutions that provide such services.

How do I disable the alerts / mails received?

Check the 'My Alerts' segment in your Dashboard and please deselect all the options mentioned.

What is the scope of limitation of is a premium and exclusive meeting place for serious and genuine sellers and buyers. It is neither an advertisement site nor a brokerage medium. We only provide listing services to our clients, to help them sell/buy a business. Any third party services mentioned on indiabizforsale are just for your reference and convenience and are not a part of the services provided by us.

What is the scope and limitation of Account Manager?

Scope: Account Manager will help you with queries related to responses generated through the system for your business buy/sell listing. Account manager will be available to you if you have any doubts/queries with the listings. Account manager will also connect with you with any third party service providers should there be any requirement.

What does 'Formal Introduction' imply?

This is a service provided only to our Premium clients. Via this service we help a buyer get directly connected with a seller (provided the seller gives a consent) through one of the various mediums.

Limitations: Account Manager's role is not to create a listing/or teaser document for any business, they can only suggest changes.

How many images I can upload for the business opportunity (listing)?

You can upload up to 15 images in *png/*jpeg format with maximum file size of 15MB for each images. Our research prove that real Images of the business attract 46% more views and receive 22% more interest in our experience. (Data compared for one month period for more than 50 businesses).

What is Private Listing?

Private listing is a listing which is only available for view by the investors who are approved by the owner of that private listing.

Business Investors / Buyers

How many listing can I post?
As a buyer you can post only ONE listing, or you can post listings based on your membership package. If you are interested in buying more than one business, please email us on [email protected].

What details do I need to provide as a business buyer and why?

As a business buyer you'll be requested to provide information about the kind of business you are looking for along with your current profile, the term in which you're looking to acquire the said business and your finance source for the said investment.

How do I get notified if a seller is interested?

When a seller goes through your listing and is interested, they will send you a message, which you’ll receive in your Indiabizforsale account. We will immediately notify you on your registered email address about it. We will not disclose your personal contact information to the seller unless you have chosen to.

How many businesses can I contact?

To contact with businesses please subscribe to the suitable membership plan.

How can I contact a business opportunity listed at IndiaBizForSale?

First go to the Business Opportunities section at Indiabizforsale, then search prospective business opportunities using filters for location, budget range, type of industry, etc.... Business opportunities that you find interesting, you can click on the CONTACT BUSINESS button on that business opportunity page to get connected and exchange each other’s contact details. Please note, getting the contact detail of a business is called introduction and each membership plan has different introduction credits. If you do not have any introduction credit in your account, you can’t reach out or get the contact details of that business opportunity.

Business Consultants /Advisors / Intemediaries

How many listing can I post?

You can post listings based on your membership package. If you have any queries, please email us on [email protected].

What details do I need to provide as a business Consultant and why?

As a business Consultant the information requested can depend on 2 factors:
1. Are you trying to get leads for a mandate you have from a client for selling / buying a business? If yes, than the details required would be the same as that for a business seller / buyer.
2. Are you trying to find new mandates to work upon? If yes, then we will request you to email us on [email protected] so we can discuss things further.

Can I promote my services as broker/consultant/advisor as a direct message to business sellers?

You can contact business seller if you have any specific mandate from buyer/investor for a specific business opportunity. If you simply want to promote your services, please click here . This will allow you to register as a Service Provider and have an entry on our directory. Most of the sellers do not treat unsolicited messages very seriously. Also, if you send unreasonable amount of messages through the system in a given time period, your account will be blocked and it can be unlocked only by our client success team upon review.

Business Owners / Sellers

How many listing can I post?

As a seller you can post only ONE listing. or you can post listings based on your membership package.If you are interested in selling more than one business, please email us on [email protected].

What details do I need to provide as a business seller and why?

As a Business seller you'll be requested to provide information about your business that will attract a potential buyer towards your business as well as help us in understanding your business better.

How do I get notified if a buyer is interested?

When a buyer is interested in your listing, they will send you a private message in your account. We will immediately notify you about any inquiry to your personal email address. We will not disclose your personal contact information to buyer in any case.

How can I contact buyers?

You can search prospective buyer listings from our advanced search options. If you find any suitable match, you can send a message through the system and they will contact you back if they are interested in your offer.

I have a seller listing and I received a message in my inbox from an unknown contact to send more information about the business to an email address, what shall I do?

You have already provided the key details of your business opportunity through the listing. We recommend you ask some basic questions as below to learn little bit about the other contact before sharing further information. You can also get NDA signed (download a free copy here) from the other party before you share any confidential information.

You can reply the message as below:

"Hello XYZ,
Thank you for your interest and inquiry. Our company is a profitable working XXXXX company and provides XXXXXXX services to other xxxxxx companies. Hence the identity of the company can be shared only after initial interest is verified.
Could you please share more details about your company and your background. Are you interested in this XXXXX opportunity for yourself or someone else?
If you like the company and pricing (aprx XXXXX), when would like to acquire this company? (i.e. within 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months)
Do you intend to fund this purchase by your own finance or bank loan or outside finance?
The reason we ask these questions is to understand your position. Currently, we have received several inquiries from Indiabizforsale website, so please bear with us in case we take couple of days time to reply your message.
Looking forward to hear from you.


Account Manager - refers to the dedicated resource assigned to the premium client.

Consultant - refers to an individual / group who is working on behalf of a third party as their representative to help them buy / sell business/s. Eg, Consultant, Investment Bank, CA, Advisory firm or any other party involved in such activities as described above.

Business Investor - refers to an individual / group interested in investing funds in a company in lieu of shares / part of the company.

Business Teaser - refers to documents and templates used for the purpose of collecting / giving information.

Business Wanted - refers to the type of business an individual / group is looking for. Type can be defined in terms of industry, revenue, nature of business, location etc.

Buyer - refers to an individual / group interested in buying / investing in a business through our portal.

Dashboard - refers to your personal space on the website where you can view / edit your listing, check / reply messages, upgrade to our premium services and do a host of other activities.

Due diligence - refers to checking and verifying the information provided by the seller / buyer about the business from all aspects, before closing the deal. Please note that does not provide this service but can connect you with such service providers when requested.

EBITDA - refers to earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization

Gross Profit - refers to the cost of goods sold deducted from the total revenue received.

Lease a business - refers to leasing / giving up or taking up certain operational and legal rights of the business for a said period of time to / from a third party to run it as his / her own.

Listing - refers to the brief created by / for the registered user. This user can be either buyer, seller or Consultant. The brief includes a description of the business along with some basic financial information or any other data / information shared by the user.

NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) - This kind of document is signed between two parties so as to ensure that the information disclosed is kept confidential. Please note that violating NDA can and/or will result into a litigation matter.

Seller - refers to an individual / group interested in leasing / selling their business through our portal.

Types of Business sale:
Full - refers to the sale of entire business, along with all its assets and liabilities

Part - refers to the sale of business where only certain aspects of the business are sold like business name, machines, clients etc

Asset - refers to the sale of only the assets of the business, the business buyer does not have to worry about any liabilities that the business seller might have had. The business buyer can either take over the company with its current identity or create a new identity and transfer all the assets to it.

Equity - refers to the sale of company shares and not the assets. The only change that occurs is in the ownership structure.

Slump - refers to the full/part sale of the business for a lump sum amount, i.e. without assigning values to individual assets and liabilities.


What is VERIFIED tag?

Verified tag is to suggest that the information mentioned on the business listing matches with the information submitted as documentary proof. This creates trust factor and more transparency for the interested buyer/investor for that business opportunity.

What are the benefits of VERIFIED tag?

Verified business opportunities generally receives more interest because of more visibility on platform and increased trust factor.

What is the process of getting VERIFIED tag for business opportunity?

You could submit documentary proof for the business opportunity by sharing soft copies of the same to us via an email to [email protected]. The list of documents differs opportunity wise, most common documents are company incorporation certificate, GST/PAN details, shareholding pattern, certificates & licenses, last 3 years of audited financial statements (P&L, Balance Sheet, Auditor's Report), lease/franchise/licensing agreements and Valuation Report (Optional).

Will anyone visit my business to verify the business physically?

Currently, in selected locations, our verification team visits business premises to take photographs of the facility and also to check documentary proofs.

What happens to my documents?

Currently, in selected locations, our verification team visits business premises to take photographs of the facility and also to check documentary proofs.

What if I do not share my documents?

Currently, in selected locations, our verification team visits business premises to take photographs of the facility and also to check documentary proofs.

How will you verify my business?

We do not verify your business. We only verify the information mentioned on the business listing and the documents you submit. This creates trust factor and increased transparency for the interested buyer/investor.

What if I provide false information?

The objective to give a verified tag is to help you get more visibility and hence more interested buyers/investors. Before we put a verified tag on your listing, our expert analyses the information provided with your business listing. The verified tag is only given once the expert approves that the information matches and is true.

Worried about the confidentiality of your business?

  • Our client policy mandates that any information shared by a client is shared with a party only if requested by the client.
  • We also provide the option of signing Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with us, though even without an NDA our client information remains extremely classified and protected.


What is Featured Tag on Business opportunities?

The business opportunities with FEATURED tag can be contacted if you have Free Introduction Credit available in your account. Please note that Free (trial) credit should be used within the expiry period.
Free (TRIAL) credit is designed to help you understand how IndiaBizForSale works. However, it ONLY works with Businesses with FEATURED tags. You can check all available FEATURED listings by clicking this link.

How to pay for Membership Plans?

1. By Cheque / Demand Draft - Please make the cheque / Demand draft in favour of 'Manali E-Business Pvt. Ltd.' and deposit the cheque in one of your nearest State Bank Of India branches. Alternatively, you can post the cheque / Demand Draft to the address below:
Manali E-Business Pvt. Ltd.
4th Floor - DevX,
Binori B Square, 3, Sindhu Bhavan Marg,
Bodakdev, Ahmedabad-380054, Gujarat, India

2.By Bank Transfer
Bank Transfer Account Details as below:

  • Beneficiary Name:- Manali E-Business Pvt. Ltd
    Beneficiary Bank:- State Bank Of India
    Beneficiary Branch Address:- Bhadra, LHO Building, Ground Floor, Ahmedabad “ 380001
    Beneficiary Account Number:- 32832544551
    Beneficiary IFS Code:- SBIN0060129
    SWIFT Code :- SBININBB204

  • Beneficiary Name:- Manali E-Business Pvt. Ltd
    Beneficiary Bank:- ICICI Bank Limited
    Beneficiary Branch Address:- Jodhpur Gam Branch, Satellite, Ahmedabad (Gujarat)
    Beneficiary Account Number:- 006705005380
    Beneficiary IFS Code:- ICIC0000067

Cash - Please note we do not accept cash payment.

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