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All business opportunities are manually approved by our team for all the key information
Best-in-class customer support available for any help in communication with the other side
Highest number of business opportunities to explore from India. New opportunities approved everyday

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We Strive To Make it Easier & Quicker for you was launched in 2014 to cater to a huge gap for businesses in India to get investors, partners, buyers for their businesses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

IndiaBiz platform makes it simple for you to identify business opportunities across India. You can save your preferences to get new matching opportunities for your review.
To contact any business, you require introduction credits in your account available through membership plans. Membership allows you to gain access to contact details of opportunities, support and tons of material in the form of recorded video, written articles and online meetings.

What is Guaranteed Introduction Credit?

Guaranteed Introduction Credits enables you to get the contact details of business opportunities matching your interest. Based on your membership plan you have chosen, you will have credits to contact business opportunities. In case, the contact details are kept private by the other party, these will be shared once they confirm the connection. In case, for any reason the introduction is not successful (opportunity does not exist anymore or has changed drastically), the credit you used to connect will be reversed to your account to use for any other opportunity. We request you to report the problem with introduction within 7 days from the date you requested introduction.

How do we verify the business information?

Business opportunity is either posted by the business owner or advisor. After which, our team checks the information for completeness, language and accuracy. Once the basic checks are met; only then the opportunity is published.
We also get users feedback for the opportunities they contact and based on their feedback, the opportunity maybe put on HOLD till further clarification. Many opportunities are not published when it does not pass through our internal procedure checks.
We sincerely request you to carry out complete due diligence before taking the transaction ahead. In addition, the contact details of the business are verified via phone / email.

How to contact any business opportunity?

Click on CONTACT BUSINESS button on the business opportunity page to get connected. This allows you to gain access to contact details of opportunity in exchange with your details.
Please note, getting contact detail of a business is called an introduction and each membership plan has different introduction credits. If you do not have any introduction credit in your account, you can neither connect nor get the contact details of that business opportunity.

What are consulting calls?

Currently, we have 6 types of consulting calls. You can book any appropriate consulting call for your requirement. Consulting calls are for 30 mins to 45 mins call with the subject matter expert.

  • How to build your buy-side thesis filters (i.e. what type of company (Target) to buy/invest into?
  • How to select the right proposal (Target)?
  • How to evaluate the identified proposals?
  • How to negotiate a fair valuation/transaction?
  • How to structure due diligence for the target?
  • How to structure documentation during a transaction?

How to book consulting calls?

You can book any consulting call from here or if you have access to a complimentary consulting call as per your membership plan- you can contact your relationship manager at to help you organise a call for you.

How do you get entry to the masterclass?

Entry to the masterclass is by invitation only. Based on your membership plan you will receive an invitation from your relationship manager or directly via email. We do a regular masterclass every 2 months on M&A, Investment and more. Generally, these are organised online; however from time to time we also organise masterclass series offline.

What support can I expect from IndiaBiz?

Based on your membership plan you can get email/ phone/ online support for communication with the other side, account queries, etc.
If you are looking for a specific type of business opportunity - our Assisted Buying services can be useful.
Our Advisory team also provides support related to business valuation, business plan documents, franchise expansion plan at a fee. Contact sales team for more details on your requirements.

What does Curated Investor profile mean?

Business owners & advisors want to know your background and interest before sharing any further details about their business. Curated Investor profile helps to showcase your buying / investment thesis professionally to potential business matches. Alerts for this curated profile helps market and discover relevant business opportunities for you.

How does advertising your company/your video helps?

We publish your or your company's video on Indiabiz network; via our social media channels and various internal marketing campaigns. This may generate leads of additional business opportunities for your perusal and also helps in PR of your company or yourself. This is an optional feature; please note we will only promote such video(s) if we find it appropriate for our audience.

What is priority email and phone support?

Indiabiz is a self-servicing platform; we provide phone support to Premium and Premium Plus members only. Every day, we receive numerous requests from our users and sometimes it can take days for us to come back. We offer priority support via phone calls and emails during Indian office hours to our premium plus members.

Can I pay only after the deal closure?

Our business model does not work like that. Our membership plans allow you to easily connect with the businesses of your choice directly.

How accurate are the business details published on IndiaBiz?

Businesses and advisors provide business information that are posted on the platform. Our team checks for any missing information and any errors in the submission. We also request businesses to get verified (where our team checks the information against documentary proof (including financial statements, company incorporation certificates, shareholding patterns, bank-statements etc.) by submitting documents. But many times, businesses prefer to share the documents to only direct investors (i.e. yourself) when deal is being discussed on the table

I am interested in only one or two businesses, why should I pay for membership plan with multiple credits?

Our team has observed hundreds of successful transactions every year. In our experiences, on an average an investor connects with 13 businesses and interacts with them, eventually shortlist and visit 6 businesses, shows interest to buy / invest in 3 of them and finally selects the suitable one to invest /buy. Premium and Premium plus membership plans enable connecting with many businesses which can provide some data points that can be useful in the deal negotiation with the business you actually buy/invest/partner.

I want to recommend Indiabiz in my company, how can you help?

We understand that you may need additional information to share with your colleagues, simply write us a quick email from your official email address and our team shall send you a corporate profile which may help you get a buy-in from your company, we appreciate.

Are the plans negotiable / flexible?

The price of a plan and its benefits are fixed for all the mentioned plans. There might be some promotional campaigns (time-sensitive) which may offer savings or additional features vs standard plans.

Is my subscription refundable?

We offer credit back for the introductions used. In case, a business opportunity is not available for introduction within 3 working days, we return the credit and you can use this credit to connect with another business of your choice.

Is my subscription transferable?

No, your subscription is not transferable.

Are business valuation services included in the pricing plan?

Please note a true estimate is only possible after careful study of many aspects of the business and its domain by an expert team. Our advisory team provides customised business valuation service at a fee, click here to know more

How should I pay to IndiaBizforSale?

  • You can opt for a suitable membership plan on the website via the payment gateway integrated. Click on the ‘Get Started’ option on any of the plan and continue to make the payment.
  • By Cheque / Demand Draft - Please make the cheque / Demand draft in favour of 'Manali E-Business Pvt. Ltd.' and deposit the cheque in one of your nearest ICICI Bank branches.
  • By Bank Transfer - Account Details as below
    Beneficiary Name:- Manali E-Business Pvt. Ltd
    Beneficiary Bank:- ICICI Bank Limited
    Beneficiary Branch Address:- Jodhpur Gam Branch, Satellite, Ahmedabad (Gujarat)
    Beneficiary Account Number:- 006705005380
    Beneficiary IFS Code:- ICIC0000067
  • Cash - Please note we do not accept cash payment.

Are taxes included in the price?

Yes, prices are inclusive of GST

What is Private Listing?

Private listing is a listing which is only available for view by the investors who are approved by the owner of that private listing.

How to access Private Listing business information?

  • Introduction to any Private business opportunity is only available to PAID members of IndiaBiz online platform.
  • The profile of the PAID member will be shared with the private listing owner (promoter or i-banker).
  • The private listing owner will authorise access (when happy with the buy side profile) to detailed business opportunity generally in 2-3 working days.
  • After going through the detailed business opportunity; the PAID member (buy side) can either decide to go ahead with the introduction or pass the opportunity. When the introduction is successful, one introduction credit will be used up from the PAID member’s IndiaBiz account

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