Make Your Money Work Hard – Invest in a Small Business!

You may have explored a number of investment options, such as bank deposits, shares, stocks and bonds, mutual funds, and so on. But, have you ever considered putting your money in a small business? Yes! In India, we are slowly warming up to the idea of investing in small and medium sized businesses, as more and more people get allured by the return potential and the exciting journey that it Read More

Analysis: The Key Tool for Business!

Analysis is a key tool for businesses. It shows the business the present reality and enables it to decide on the course ahead. Analysis of a business, industry or the overall economy, brings out its strengths and weaknesses, and also the opportunities and threats. Analysis also helps businesses understand the trends and shifts in consumer behaviour and preferences. In short, analysis helps businesses see a holistic picture of the present Read More

IndiaBizForSale Hosts Exclusive Deal Making Opportunity in Mumbai Edition of Business Buyer’s Club

It’s official now – we have just stepped up deal-making in India with a first-of-its-kind Business Buyer’s Club in Mumbai! We hosted this exclusive event last week with the aim to mobilize deal-making opportunity for business buyers, investors and business owners based in Mumbai. 8 attractive businesses hand-picked by senior analysts at were presented to over 30 buyers and investors – at the end of the showcase, each business Read More

Selling a Business on Your Own vs. Using a Consultant – How to Decide?

The decision to sell your business can be overwhelming. As David Allen says, “You can do anything, but not everything.” Luckily there are professionals available for help – popularly known as brokers or deal consultants. So, who are consultants? They are deal experts, usually with multi-disciplinary expertise in one or more of the following areas: law, taxation, economics, marketing, accounting, finance and negotiation. A deal consultant is primarily responsible for Read More

The First-Time Buyer’s Tips for Putting Money in a Small Business

You may have just decided to buy small business for the first time, or maybe you are still toying with the idea of doing so. In either case, you would probably want to know what you should watch out for while buying a small business in India. In this article, we will discuss a few important considerations to be kept in mind while you are on the journey of acquiring Read More

Competition – The Lifeline of Businesses and Markets

Newsletter Issue 49 May 2017 Competition is often seen as a negative force on a business. In reality, it is an extremely critical force in the market which helps businesses attain their best potential and constantly upgrade themselves to retain their competitive edge. Competition also brings substantial benefits to the consumer by offering a wide range of choices at competitive prices, innovation, opportunity to explore new offerings, avoid the ill-effects of Read More

How to Grow Your Small Business with Franchising

Why Franchising? As the owner of a small business, you are probably looking for growth options that let your business expand on minimum investment. Did you know? Many renowned franchises across the world started off just like your business – small, nimble and with a desire to scale. The popular Domino’s Pizza, one of the greatest franchise businesses in India and globally, had started as a single, small pizza store Read More

Credibility: It Makes or Breaks Businesses

Newsletter Issue 48 April 2017 Credibility is the most sought after aspect in the business world today, sometimes even ahead of profitability! Since time immemorial, businesses have faced the trade-off between short-term profiteering and long term profitability that is sustained by trust and good business practices. Credibility is no short-term pursuit. It takes years, often decades to establish credibility in the market. In the age of social media, it has become Read More

How to Sell Your Sick Business?

Who said exit is only for the chosen few? Businesses thrive, and businesses sink. Like people, enterprises too go through good times and bad. Competition, changing consumer preferences, other market actors, cash flow dry-up, or simply an unforeseen circumstance might have brought you to the point where things aren’t working for your venture any more. So, what do you do? Do you shut shop, liquidate your assets, and file for Read More

SMEs: A Bare Necessity of an Economy

Newsletter Issue 47 March 2017 When we think of businesses or companies anywhere across the globe the first thing that comes to mind are the giants, the multi-nationals and the big conglomerates of businesses that seem to form the majority contribution to an economy. As much as that is true what we do not realize is that it is the SMEs of an economy that create the backbone of it and Read More