Review – Our View, Your Evaluation!

Newsletter Issue 44 December 2016 New Year Greetings from Managing expectations of the growing platform has thrown new opportunities as well as challenges. This year has been a great deal of learning for most of us at Our number one goal has become number of successful transactions, rest all are hygiene factors. Impactful events of 2016 This year has given the Indian businesses both big and small its own Read More

Want to Buy a Business in India? Look no Further

If you have been typing ‘I want to buy a business in India’ in the search box of online search engines for a while now – you are not alone. However, legitimate information, let alone practical information, on buying a business in India are not easily found. Dedicated platforms are even rarer. We at are exactly that – a dedicated online platform for buying and selling of businesses in Read More

Innovation as Growth Catalyst for Businesses

Newsletter Issue 43 November 2016 Any new creation begins with an idea; and who can understand this better than a business owner. For running a business, growing a business and making it successful, we constantly use ideas and modify them to fit our needs. In a nutshell, we constantly innovate. In today’s world, the leading business houses across the globe are successful because of their innovation. Innovation not just in terms Read More

Business Verification – Details and FAQs

SELLER SIDE We understand that coming to a point where you are looking to sell your business or looking to raise funds for business growth is a difficult choice to make. However, what makes it even more difficult to find buyers or investors for your business. At, we believe in giving every business opportunity a fair chance to be bought / invested in. To gain added trust in your Read More

An Analysis – Demonetisation of INR 500 and INR 1000 Currency Notes

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, through an address to the nation, declared banning of INR 500 and INR 1000 currency notes from midnight of 8th November, 2016. This announcement is the consequences of government accepting RBI recommendation to ban these currency notes, and introduce newer, supposedly more secured currency notes. The reasons suggested behind this sudden and unprecedented action was to fight corruption, black money, and terrorism financing. However, the mainstream Read More

Change is the Only Constant

Newsletter Issue 42 October 2016 Change is the only Constant in Life and we are changing too … To ensure that you get the maximum benefit for all your business Mergers & Acquisitions, Investment and Partnership activities. To support you for your end-to-end Business transactions. To fulfil our promise of helping you get connected with your best match.  And now, instead of meeting you only once every month, we will now meet you thrice. Twice Read More

Buying and Selling Business: Connections Made Easier

Newsletter Issue 41 September 2016   Still looking for the right buyer / investor? Finding the right buyer for your business and getting connected with him can be a painstaking and tiring task, especially when you are trying to sell your business while keeping it confidential. Now we are offering you a quick and easy way to connect with our registered and curated buyers.

Everything you Need to Know About Business Valuation

The modern world is filled with thousands of opportunities to grow and prosper. Owning a business has suddenly become the best career choice for many. The technicalities that are involved with a business can cause massive chaos and confusion if you do not have idea about the business. It is advised to collect information about the little things that matter while owning a business. One of the most crucial things Read More

Quickly Connect with Investors

Newsletter Issue 40 August 2016   Introducing you our New Feature that allows you to Quickly Communicate with Buyers in 2 Simple Steps.    1. Register / Login     2. Send Message to Buy-side listing   More than 2800 Business Buyers looking to Buy a Business. Search for your matching buy-side prospect for your business requirement and Send Message to your ideal prospect.   2 more Businesses Sold in last 40 days, Read More