Just Crossed 2500 Business Listings! – Here’s Our Journey So Far started in 2013 with the core mission of helping small and medium business owners sell their businesses instead of closing shop. Back then, we were largely business owner(seller)-centric – i.e. only sell-side listings existed on our platform and made a humble beginning with just 50 businesses looking for exit listed on the platform. The first revelation happened when we discovered that our platform could also serve buyers and investors Read More in Association with FICCI and GCCI Hosts Business Buyer’s Club Event in Ahmedabad

Our recent stint has made ‘SME deal-making’ the hottest thing in Gujarat! Business Buyer’s Club, a first-of-its-kind exclusive deal making opportunity for business buyers, investors and business owners, was organized in Ahmedabad last week by in association with FICCI and GCCI. The businesses showcased in the event were hand-picked by our senior analysts, and only genuine, serious buyers and investors were extended invitation for the day. Business Buyer’s Club Read More

Due Diligence Before Buying a Business: What, When, Why and How

We often come across the term ‘due diligence’ in the context of buying, selling or investing in a business. Simply put, it is the investigation or in-depth analysis of a business in order to ascertain its true worth. We can compare it to the process of buying a property (e.g. a house) for ourselves. Before we buy a house, we check the location, try to determine whether the house is Read More

NDA and Three Other Deal Agreements You Should Know About

We know how confusing it is for business owners who are planning to sell a business for the first time, especially when it comes to understanding the various documents involved in the process. Having worked with thousands of businesses closely over the last few years, and with a number of successful deals to our credit, we are well-acquainted with the various deal documents. In this article, we will share with Read More

Each Business is a Disruptive Force in Itself

Newsletter Issue 52 August 2017 The key to any transformation is disruption. You can either be a follower by imitating the new, or you can be the new. Businesses that disrupt markets, alter economics with technology and innovation, and overcome barriers creatively, lead the future. Whether small or large, each business is a disruptive force in itself – and a powerhouse of endless potential. How Demonetisation Disrupted the Payments Sector in Read More

How to Prepare Your Business for Sale and Why You Should Start Now

As the owner of a small business, this might be the first time you are considering selling your business. It is natural for you to feel overwhelmed and wonder how to sell your small business. We have worked closely with thousands of business owners like you over the last few years, and understand where you are coming from. Serious business sellers often ask the question – How can I prepare Read More

How to Identify a Potential Buyer and Go About the Deal-Making Process

As a small business owner, it can be challenging and confusing to understand how to sell your business, especially if this is your first time. Over the last few years, we have supported thousands of business owners in the journey of selling their business, and have found that one of the most common questions that business sellers have is this – how to identify potential buyers for their businesses? In Read More

Success is 99% Inspiration and 1% Perspiration

Newsletter Issue 51 Jul 2017 As someone rightly said, success is 99% inspiration and 1% perspiration. Successful businesses all over the world are driven by leaders who inspire and products and services that lead to inspired living. When businesses strive to inspire, and not just make their ends meet, it is then that they set an example for the rest of the world to follow. Indian Automobile Industry: An Inspiration Read More

Make Your Money Work Hard – Invest in a Small Business!

You may have explored a number of investment options, such as bank deposits, shares, stocks and bonds, mutual funds, and so on. But, have you ever considered putting your money in a small business? Yes! In India, we are slowly warming up to the idea of investing in small and medium sized businesses, as more and more people get allured by the return potential and the exciting journey that it Read More

Analysis: The Key Tool for Business!

Newsletter Issue 50 Jun 2017 Analysis is a key tool for businesses. It shows the business the present reality and enables it to decide on the course ahead. Analysis of a business, industry or the overall economy, brings out its strengths and weaknesses, and also the opportunities and threats. Analysis also helps businesses understand the trends and shifts in consumer behaviour and preferences. In short, analysis helps businesses see a Read More