How to Grow Your Small Business with Franchising

Why Franchising? As the owner of a small business, you are probably looking for growth options that let your business expand on minimum investment. Did you know? Many renowned franchises across the world started off just like your business – small, nimble and with a desire to scale. The popular Domino’s Pizza, one of the greatest franchise businesses in India and globally, had started as a single, small pizza store Read More

Credibility: It Makes or Breaks Businesses

Newsletter Issue 48 April 2017 Credibility is the most sought after aspect in the business world today, sometimes even ahead of profitability! Since time immemorial, businesses have faced the trade-off between short-term profiteering and long term profitability that is sustained by trust and good business practices. Credibility is no short-term pursuit. It takes years, often decades to establish credibility in the market. In the age of social media, it has become Read More

How to Sell Your Sick Business?

Who said exit is only for the chosen few? Businesses thrive, and businesses sink. Like people, enterprises too go through good times and bad. Competition, changing consumer preferences, other market actors, cash flow dry-up, or simply an unforeseen circumstance might have brought you to the point where things aren’t working for your venture any more. So, what do you do? Do you shut shop, liquidate your assets, and file for Read More

SMEs: A Bare Necessity of an Economy

Newsletter Issue 47 March 2017 When we think of businesses or companies anywhere across the globe the first thing that comes to mind are the giants, the multi-nationals and the big conglomerates of businesses that seem to form the majority contribution to an economy. As much as that is true what we do not realize is that it is the SMEs of an economy that create the backbone of it and Read More

Why do Business Partnerships Matter?

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” – Helen Keller The journey of running your own venture is often tough and lonely, especially if you are a small business. In India, small and medium enterprises have now come of age, and are as much keen to explore growth avenues through partnerships as the larger businesses. Several forums such as Global SME Partnership Summit by SME Read More

Entrepreneur Covering

Ninety percent of the businesses in India are family owned. About 30% of the family businesses listed on the Indian bourses got listed post liberalization in 1991. The first generation founder would still be actively involved in most of these companies considering the average age at which entrepreneurs start a firm to be 40 and the average retirement age for founder promoters to be 75. Similarly, is a platform Read More

Tips to Remember While Investing in a Business

Be it for business expansion or otherwise, investing in a business can be exciting. However, it is often expensive and comes bundled with risks. In this article, our team at IndiaBizforSale shares with you the common tips to remember as you set out to explore an investment opportunity in India! Before You Begin Industry: Every investment opportunity is a risk-return proposition. Start by shortlisting the right industries for you to Read More

Growth: The Most Powerful Motivator

Newsletter Issue 46 February 2017 Growth is one of the most powerful motivator that keeps us going, we as humans have a constant urge and desire to grow and get better; better than what we are and better than others. And it is this urge for constant growth that also gets reflected in all our activities including our businesses. Every business owner / operator runs the business with a single objective of Read More

How to Get Investment Easily for Your Business or Startup

Raising investment for business can be a nightmare, especially if you are just starting out or have a small to medium sized business that is still establishing its hold in the market. In this article, we bring together the most important tips to get investment easily for your business or startup. Visibility: Here’s a question, would you buy something that you never knew existed? No, right? Exactly. Investors would never Read More

Your One Stop Shop for all M&A and Allied Activities

Newsletter Issue 45 January 2017 has now become your one stop shop for all your business selling, buying, investment, funding and allied needs. We do not just connect you with your right business match but also help you in the end-to-end transaction services related to the same to ensure fast, smooth and reliable services to all our clients. Although currently these services are provided to clients in a limited geography but soon Read More