Unisex Salon services, facial, bridal makeup, all chemical salon service, pedicure, and manicure.

Clientele Type

Per day around 20 to 25 clients are coming.


The premises are on lease.
The total area of the premises is 1,000Sq Ft.
Per month rent of the premises is INR45,000
Security deposit is INR3,00,000(Included in asking price)

Asking Price Includes

Includes full equipment and furniture.
A security deposit of INR3,00,000 is also included.


Moving abroad.

Other Details

The parlor is fully furnished, the buyer can start from the parlor from the next day.
Per day billing of the parlor is INR8,000 to INR9,000.
Approximate per-month expenses of the business are INR1,50,000.
We have taken the franchise of the salon, buyer can also continue business without the franchise.
Every 5-year franchise fee of INR5,00,000 is paid.
7% to 10% royalty is to be paid to the franchiser
In the salon in the men's section, there are 4 hair cutting chairs, one pedicure chair, and one head wash chair, and one facial room for men
In the ladies section, there are 2 hair cutting chairs, 2 chairs for a pedicure, 1 hair wash chair, 2 facial room, one bridal room.

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