This company was started in April 2013 and have a good client reputation in Australia, USA, Dubai and Singapore Market. The major customer base is from abroad and local orders are based on the reference only. The company involves in developing a web site, mobile application, software application, digital marketing, graphic design etc. This company has 20+ people working full time in Design, web Development, Mobile App Development, QA, Digital Marketing and Business Development. The Company has more than 10 products in both web and mobile app development. The company has participated in two major trade shows in 2016 and 2017. The company has already booked an international trade show in Oct 2017. The company will pass all the clients who are currently working, pipeline and enquiries. There are 1000+ international enquiries generated in Trade shows. The whole company comes with Desktop, Macs, Mac mini, iPhone, Android phone and infrastructure. Technologies that we use are, PHP, Android, ios etc. The asking price of the business is INR 22 Lacs.


Expanding family business

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