The company started in the year 2001. The company caters the needs of various zones of Indian Railway for Signaling and Telecom sector. It is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company having a breadth of experience encompassing different technologies of Signaling and Telecom industry
The company has(Technical) Credentials to participate in any form of railway tenders let it be metros, DFCCL, RVNL, Railway contracting. More than the credentials, The company has an impeccable track record of executing railway(S&T) works.

Handling 3 major doubling projects and one DFCCL project in North-South Dedicated Freight Corridor.

The company also has required tools, expertise and machinery. The promoter is ready to provide handholding support for 5 years.

The asking price of the business is INR 32 Cr.


Not interested in continuing the business anymore.

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