This Business was started in June 2014. They have the license to print 3 magazines out of which 1 is still published while the other 2 are not printed. This magazine highlights the policy changes undertaken by the government. This is an independent and high-quality information source for the government as well as the public that brings us the latest insights and developments, expertly-crafted modal documents and policy and regulatory guidance through topical overviews, news, expert opinions, innovation updates, and more. This Magazine is extremely popular in this segment. They have almost no competition and have got an amazing response both from the government as well as general public. They have recognition in all government agencies and overall in bureaucracy. They print more than 10000 hard copies per month. They also send 80000 copies through email and other mediums.
Their area of their office is 1700 sq.ft with a monthly rent of INR 25000. Currently, 10 people work over here. They have a well qualified and trained team.The printing is done through a third party. They have been nominated for various awards as well.
The revenue of the last year is INR 1Cr. Since the business is into debt, the promoter is looking to sell this off. The Asking price is INR 2Cr(Negotiable)



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