Our Location of Operations is in Vadodara but the Client Base is Spread Across Delhi/NCR, Bangalore, and Mumbai . We provide services which are Executive and Contingency Search for Middle Senior and Top Management. Been operational for 13 years and would have touched around 1400 Senior and Top Professionals and Place about 700 plus people in Large to Very Large Corporates. The best part of the business is you don't need to acquire in Baroda and work in Baroda as our business is not location specific, off course you can use Baroda as a base location, it being very cost effective. The business is very easily scalable and the operations we have been running are at the 35% of the work orders we have, if you can really have an excellent execution capability it can be worked at least till 80% of work availability, which can be assured while signing off Also, will be happy to provide required hand holding, training and key insights on how to manage specific customers, also can add up a few more We have our own office which is about 900 Square Feet Carpet Area in one of the most premium areas of Baroda. Last year we closed positions worth 15 Million INR and the Net result which was converted to revenue was about 6.5 million The asking price for the business is 5 crore, negotiable to some extent, this will come with the office infrastructure


Planning to Shift out of India

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