This Private Limited IT company has been set up to run any type of IT or NON IT projects. Currently running is an EPublishing project with 10 team members. The company has the capacity to have 40 team members. The office is fully equipped with Mac and Windows desktops. Online and Offline UPS backup for all the systems. The office is 1200 sq feet rented building with reasonable rent for the prime location. One Partition is capable of holding 20 team members. Another partition has a capability of 15. There are three manager cabins and a reception with a waiting area. There is also a multipurpose conference and teaching room. A separate MD cabin. All the rooms have CCTV cameras installed. Intercom facilities in all the cabins. Purified water and the Coffee machine also available. The office has 5 split Air Conditioners. All Testing devices such as IPOD, IPAD, IPHONE, ANDROID PHONE and KINDLE are included. The office is located in a prime location accessible to bus stops. Asking Price INR 50 lacs to 1 Cr.


My Family and I have decided to settle abroad and no longer require this office facility.

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