Just Crossed 2500 Business Listings! – Here’s Our Journey So Far started in 2013 with the core mission of helping small and medium business owners sell their businesses instead of closing shop. Back then, we were largely business owner(seller)-centric – i.e. only sell-side listings existed on our platform and made a humble beginning with just 50 businesses looking for exit listed on the platform. The first revelation happened when we discovered that our platform could also serve buyers and investors Read More

NDA and Three Other Deal Agreements You Should Know About

We know how confusing it is for business owners who are planning to sell a business for the first time, especially when it comes to understanding the various documents involved in the process. Having worked with thousands of businesses closely over the last few years, and with a number of successful deals to our credit, we are well-acquainted with the various deal documents. In this article, we will share with Read More

Business Verification – Details and FAQs

SELLER SIDE We understand that coming to a point where you are looking to sell your business or looking to raise funds for business growth is a difficult choice to make. However, what makes it even more difficult to find buyers or investors for your business. At, we believe in giving every business opportunity a fair chance to be bought / invested in. To gain added trust in your Read More

An Analysis – Demonetisation of INR 500 and INR 1000 Currency Notes

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, through an address to the nation, declared banning of INR 500 and INR 1000 currency notes from midnight of 8th November, 2016. This announcement is the consequences of government accepting RBI recommendation to ban these currency notes, and introduce newer, supposedly more secured currency notes. The reasons suggested behind this sudden and unprecedented action was to fight corruption, black money, and terrorism financing. However, the mainstream Read More

Hack: How to Choose Smart Business Broker for Selling Your Business

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have been the backbone of the Indian economy. According to the reports by the SMB Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of MSMEs, India had more than 48 million SMEs in mid-2014. The ratio is growing at a stable pace of 4.5% in the last 5 years. As much is the escalation in the number of new businesses, there is a rise in the number Read More

Budget 2016: Impact on Startups

Startups were awaiting anxiously for Mr. Jaitley to come with bonanza for them. Few years have been happening for them and companies started by new breed of entrepreneurs have attracted huge investment from domestic as well as foreign investors. Modi’s emphasis on “Make in India” and “Standup India” had raised expectations to peak. Even the FM speech gives an impression of fresh blood infusion by offering various tax sops to start-ups. FM Read More

How to Grow Your Business in 2016?

If you have been pondering over growth opportunities for your business, the timing could not have been better. In October 2015, growth of India’s industrial output reached the highest in the last 5 years. The overwhelming 200+ acquisitions in the startup ecosystem alone, coupled with prominent nation-wide initiatives such as Make-in-India and Digital India, have made 2015 the apt stepping stone to 2016 – the year of growth.

Growing Trend in SMEs Industries

In today’s globalized world India has emerged as an engine of global economic growth where the average GDP run rate is 7.2 per cent. This is encouraging creation and implementation of more and more policies focusing on further growth. The government’s intent to rejuvenate the Indian economy has positively affected the business environment. Indian companies are now getting more aggressive in acquisition scenario as they can see the government’s vision. Read More

Growing Investment Interest in Indian Education Sector

Education is considered the most crucial and the vital key for modernisation and development. The importance of education can be evaluated from the fact that every advanced society and culture is promoting universalisation of education as a parameter for long term economic development. There is a huge demand for advancement and modernisation of education system in India, as the country is estimated to have an excess of 47 million resources Read More

Reminisce 2014

2014 has been the year where we found our start up journey all about perseverance and passion. There have been days where we felt at the top of the world and there were days where nothing seemed to work. We faced issues with hiring, website development, hosting server and many other petty office issues like the Internet connectivity, telephone, water supply, etc 🙂 But, eventually “going” got only better with the Read More