5 critical steps to scale up a Retail Franchise Brand

CNBC covered an enterprising journey and critically successful steps taken by Hearty Mart by Nadeem Jafri, Ahmedabad.  The article is beautifully written giving insightful tips on how to scale retail franchise network.

Step 1: Target Existing Market First– The current market of operations is the best place to look for growth ideas.

Step 2: Integrate Ideas- Devise an effective strategy to tap the market, forward-backward integration, vertical-horizontal growth, same customer-new customers and more.

Step 3: Get The Funding Right- Capital infusion without breaking the bank is need of an hour, for a right business there are many who want to invest and join.

Step 4: Define Roles And Control- Put in place a proper control system that monitors the working and behaviour of different stakeholders.

Step 5: Create A Suitable Legal Contract- legal contract is essential to safeguard business operations and IPR, defining clear role, responsibilities and financial implications.

Growth is achieved only when everyone in the system works in tandem to reach a common goal. James Cash Penney has wonderfully conveyed this thought: “Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.”

Read More here: https://www.cnbctv18.com/retail/5-critical-steps-to-scale-up-a-retail-brand-2750861.htm


Selling a Business – A Case Study

If you want to sell a business then complete knowledge of your business and the market is the key. In the business world, case studies are such readily available and powerful tool from which you can replicate the success by avoiding critical mistakes. Many cases studies have been published about selling business quickly at maximum price. Case studies are such reference guides of the business world to look at the solved problems to solve our own.

From the pool of available case studies on how to sell a business successfully, we have picked one of the best case studies here under for your quick reference. This case study shall guide you on how to prepare best to sell your business.

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