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Pratap is an investor from Noida with 23 years of experiences in Auto Ancillary Service, Auto components and automotive parts industry. Pratap is ideally looking for business opportunities from Tools & Machinery, Automobile & Auto Parts Manufacturing, Cafe & Fast Food Joint etc industries in Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Cuttack and others.


Director from Noida
Areas of Experience : 23 years of experience in Auto Ancillary Service, Auto components, automotive parts, iron and steel, Manufacturing (Other), Travel, Transport & Warehousing
Skills / Expertise :
Business Management Entrepreneur



Acquired / Invested in other business in last 5 years :   No
Source of Financing :  Own/External Funding
I have worked extensively in quality management, strategic sourcing, supply management and materials management for last 20+ yrs. Prior to entrepreneurship, I was working with renowned companies involved in Automobile & Autoparts, Truck Transportation & Motor Vehicle Mfg.

I hold the position of a Director in two companies at present, one is in providing supply chain solutions and consulting services for material cost reduction, supply chain risk management, vendor development, procurement outsourcing and digital procurement transformation and another is an online marketplace for buying and selling of raw materials like steel, aluminium and other allied products.

For expansion purposes, I am exploring opportunities in Manufacturing sector to acquire or invest in


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