Director from Mumbai
Areas of Experience : 15 years of experience in cosmetics, Healthcare Chemicals Pharmaceuticals (Other), Information Technology, iron and steel, Steel Manufacturing


Business Name : Available on request
Established in : 2008
Turnover / Sales : INR 100,000,000
Employees : 7


Transaction Deal type:
Buy Invest Distribution
Interested For:  Family business / Own Business
Preferred Industry
Manufacturing Herbal & Ayurvedic Hospital, Clinic & Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Healthcare Chemicals Pharmaceuticals (Other) IT Hardware, Repair & Service Software Development & Support IT (Other) Brewery, Winery & Tobacco Electrical & Mechanical Leather & Products Machines & Tools Electronics Pharmaceutical Formulation Manufacturing CRO, R&D, Biotech Enterprise Software & SAAS
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Preferred Location
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Investment Budget :  Up to INR 4.00 Crore
Investment Rationale :  Financial Investment


Acquired / Invested in other business in last 5 years :   Yes
Source of Financing :  Own/External Funding

ABOUT PRASAD, Business Investor & Buyer from Mumbai, Maharashtra

Prasad is an intermediary from Mumbai with 15 years of years of experiences in cosmetics, Healthcare Chemicals Pharmaceuticals (Other) and Information Technology industry. Prasad is a Director in a company which was established in 2008 with a team of 7 and annual turnover of INR 100,000,000. Prasad is looking to invest on behalf of the client upto INR 4 Cr in Manufacturing, Herbal & Ayurvedic , Hospital, Clinic & Pharmacy etc in Mumbai. Prasad was last active 1 month ago. Send Business Proposal to Prasad


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