About Franzil's Profile & Investment Preferences

Franzil is an investor from United Kingdom with 4 years of years of experiences in construction, Hospitality and Real Estate industry. Franzil is a Director in a company which was established in 2021 with a team of 17 and annual turnover of INR 12,564,506. Franzil is looking to invest in Petrol Pump and Petroleum, Coal & Mining in Goa. Franzil has invested/acquired earlier within the last 5 years.


Director from United Kingdom
Areas of Experience : 4 years of experience in construction, Hospitality, Real Estate, Recruitment & Staffing, TRANSPORTING AND WAREHOUSES
Skills / Expertise :


Business Name : N/A
Established in : 2021
Turnover / Sales : INR 12,564,506
Employees : 17


Transaction Deal type:
Buy Invest Lease Franchise
Interested For:  Family business / Own Business
Investment Budget :  Up to INR 5.00 Crore
Investment Rationale :  Strategic Acquisition / Expansion


Acquired / Invested in other business in last 5 years :   Yes
Source of Financing :  Funding from Private Lending


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