A Pharmacist Based in Ghaziabad in a Pharmaceutical Store Interested to Buy in a Pharmacy Store

Available on Introduction
Location Ghaziabad Designation pharmacist in Hospital, Clinic & Pharmacy sector


Interested ToBuy Interested ForSelf / My family Investment RationaleBecome an Entrepreneur
Preferred IndustryHospital, Clinic & Pharmacy
Preferred Location Ghaziabad, Noida, Uttar Pradesh


Areas of Experience / skill setshas prior experience in pharmacy & is freshly graduated in pharmacy.
Name of Organization / company:   Kept Private
Size of the company : Turnover / Sales N/A Employees N/A


Source of FinancingOwn Funding Maximum Budget INR 500,000
Acquired / Invested in other business in last 5 years:    No
More Information The business should be profitable, economical & should be in Ghaziabad itself.


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