full cream milk, toned milk, cow milk, standard milk, double toned milk, special tea milk, dahi cup, raita cup, dahi matka, dahi pouch, desi ghee, plain lassi, masala lassi.

Clientele Type

retailers in Haryana


Sales through our distributors in various cities.

Asking Price Includes

Brand name, Goodwill, machinery, other assets and infrastructure


pursuing other business venture

Other Details

This Sole Proprietorship business is operational since 2016. They are a well-established brand of milk and milk products.
The total production capacity of the plant is 20,000 ltr/ day.
They have 25 Distributors across Haryana.
Machinery: Pasteuriser 5 kl/hour with holding tubes, 2 hot water battery, Dump tank, 1000 ltr Batch tank, Milk Silo 6000 ltr, Single-head milk pouch packaging machine with photocell, double head milk pouch packaging machine, single head milk pouch packaging machine without photocell, fully automatic dahi cup packing machine, Goma milk homogeniser 5000 kl/hr, cream separator 5000 kl/hr, Blast room, incubation room, 2 cold room, ghee unit of 500 ltr, milk crates and other infrastructure items.
Premise rent is INR 25,000, the area is 500 sq.yd. security deposit paid is INR 2 lakhs.
The Plant is Dormant since January 2020/

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