Well Established Ecommerce Fashion Jewelry Business for Sale in Wankaner

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Listing IDSL006943 Asking Price (in INR) INR 19.00 Lac Last Year TurnoverINR 14.50 Lac EBITDA/ Operating Margin % 75%

Business Details


100+ Women's Unique (Indian and imported from Afghanistan) Fashion Jewelry


Jewellery Buyers- Mostly Women


Own Website


It’s a Fashion Accessories online store.
Here we are giving a well-established store with readymade customer base with profitability.
It’s an inventory-based store, we keep an inventory of INR 70,000-1 lakh at home.
Very good SEO optimized titles and description and nicely written SEO fields on Shopify product description, Collection pages, About us and everything is very nicely-researched and written according to SEO requirement.
100+ products with professional model photoshoot done with white background products and banners.
It’s an inventory-based store but can be converted into dropshipping easily just by replacing products.
One can start many other categories such as clothes, shoes, saree, etc. Huge expansion potential is there.
Contact info of all suppliers and manufacturers of jewelry will be shared for better rates.
750 facebook likes, 2000 Instagram followers.
Top-selling Unique Jewellery designs not available in the market is our USP.
Approx 8 % plus returning customers.
Store basic conversion rate of 2.60 %
Mail Chimp's audience has 3,846 contacts. 3,421 of these are Email subscribers. Email open rate 20.2 %, Click rate 4.4%.
Most products are unique and selected which are rarely available in the market with other sellers.
Having Instagram account which has targeted audience, all followers are from FB ads.
Online orders are 1900+, Approx 2000 orders so far including offline and online orders.
Average Monthly Revenue is INR 1.30 lakhs.
INR 75,000 - 80,000 profit per month.
If one focuses totally on the store and regularly analyzing and creating new ads, give away, Instagram, etc, then this store can grow very fast.
I have started another project so I am not able to focus on both properly but this store has great potential in India, USA, UK where I wanted to advertise but I have no time to focus on it now.
Asking price is INR 19 lakhs.


-Entire profitable business -All Product photographs -All model Photographs -Website banners -Rights of The domain Name -Right of the website -Right of Facebook page with 750 likes (Targeted audience) -Right of Instagram with 2,000 followers (Targeted audience) -Email List of 3850 -Inventory worth 100,000 -Contact details of all the manufacturers we work with -Contact details of all the International product importers -Basic knowledge on how to scale vertically and horizontally -Marketing strategies other the one we used mostly -Supplier contacts of other products if they want to increase product category like clothes, shoe, bags, etc

IndustryE-Commerce & Websites LocationWankaner
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Entity typeSole Proprietorship Started in 2018
Transaction TypeFull Sale Employees1
Reason1) Shipping Problem because of Semi-rural area 2) Unable to focus on two businesses at a time 3) Need Capital For my other business too
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