The website www.instatrade.co and android app (instatrade) is meant for businesses that deal with design based products like sarees, garments, furniture, jewellery, marble, tiles etc. It contains catalog management (photos and product description), category management for catalogs, connection module to connect to select customers, sharing module to secretly share products with select customers (thereby ensuring that product design don't get leaked to the market), and chat facility to chat with the customers for product inquiry management. On sale, is the whole software code, which is based on spring java framework. This product was developed as a part of B2B ecommerce startup. Launched in May 2015. It underwent 4-5 iterations based on user feedback. Functionality and User Interface was improved in these iterations. The target audience was SME market of India. It has been tested that any person who has used smartphone in his/her life can easily get started with this product. Expected price: Rs. 5 Lacs.


The startup got closed in Dec 2014 because of low market response in terms of business. And since then this product is idle.

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