The Startup is an uprising automobile buying and selling platform for used vehicles. The company was started in July 2017 at Indore. The promoters have good experience in Automobile industry. The process involves bidding of vehicles to award buyer with the most appropriate cost for the used vehicle or most appropriate used vehicle in the desired capital. The vehicles undergo a rigorous process of an unbiased inspection based on experts reviews, owners perception and detailed specifications of the vehicle before it is set for bidding.

Presently the startup is focusing in Indore city. The company has tied up with 95 dealers out of which 4 are brands. In Indore they have 4 centers. They have planned to expand their products, taping new market and venture into different metros. They are a team of 6. They charge 2% of each car selling price. The company has sold 36 cars till now.

From July 2017 to March 2018 the revenue was INR 5.80 lakhs. They are looking for an investment of INR 35 lakhs to scale up.



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