Steel Wires: High Carbon, Mild Carbon, Stainless Steel

Clientele Type

Existing client list with preliminary order commitments Industries: - Auto/Auto Parts - Construction - General Engineering - Textiles


- Advance for machinery (import) already paid from the promoter's contribution - Land identified

Asking Price Includes

- Promoter's Capital: INR 3.2 Cr. - Investor's Capital: INR 10 Cr. - Exit: IPO (4-5 years)


Startup Capital Options: Convertible Debt, Hybrid, Equity

Other Details

- High margin business; will become profitable from Year 1 - Payback period: 3.7 years - 17.2% Income Tax rate and state-level government subsidy - Highly experienced promoters with 15+ years of experience in similar business - Strong industry relations, including existing customers - Large market with multi-industry utility - Wide range of products - High-grade production facility

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