The fast-food joints have been running since 2016. It is a franchise of a well-known brand in Bangalore. It has been running successfully since its inception and both the outlets are generating good profits. Both the premise is on lease and monthly rent for one premise is INR 22,000 (area size is 268 Sq ft) and for the second one is INR 16,000 (area size is 200 Sqft). There is a total of 4 employees working in both the outlet. The royalty has to be paid after every three years. The current average monthly sales are from one outlet is between INR 4 to 5Lacs and from the second outlet is INR 2.5 Lacs to 3 Lacs. Last year's turnover was INR 41 Lacs and the profit margin is 33%. The asking price can be discussed with the right buyer.

Clientele Type

Jpmorgan, Adobe, wellsfargo, altran


Same building next to a showroom

Asking Price Includes

Equipment, billing, cooler etc



Other Details

It's growing gradually between 6-10%

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