We Develop Products For Animal Industry
Product1: A nano bio-liquid foam which protects cow from bacterial infection.
Product2: An antimicrobial spray for wound and skin care for farm animals and pets
We develop products in the following areas:
1.Udder care technology for dairy cows.
2. Natural disinfectant for surface, food and beverage industries, farm use.
3. Wound and skin care therapy for animals
4. Biosensor for bacteria and virus detection

Clientele Type

We are going to serve big companies like Lacatlis, IBA dairies, Ecolab for marketing our udder care products.


Our office is in Pattukkottai

Asking Price Includes

13% Stake in the company.
Our company is valued at USD 18Mn


We are raising Funds for third party validation, FDA registration, Manufacturing and Marketing at USA, Canada, Europe and India.

Other Details

Our start-up team is a combination of different experts,
Promoter1: CEO with two decades of experience in Silicon Valley
Promoter2: Chief Technology Officer has vast experience in Nano biotech for designing products
Promoter3: 25 years of experience in livestock farming sector.
3 scientist + 7 lab assistant

Company Backgroun
The Indian subsidiary is 99% owner by the US-based parent company. We are planning to raise USD 2Mn at a valuation of USD 18Mn We have good market scope for all our Nano biopolymer base products which are going to remove the chemicals and is cheaper in cost.

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