Scientific Storage Warehouse for Sale in Vidisha

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Listing IDSL006762 Asking Price (in INR) INR 12.00 Crore Last Year TurnoverINR 75.21 Lac EBITDA/ Operating Margin % 75%

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Scientific dry storage services for Agri commodity (cereal crops, oilseeds, etc.) - 10000 MT total storage capacity; Weigh Bridge (50 MT)


Local grain merchants, traders, intermediaries and farmers. Occasionally they also serve various collateral management services.


Word of mouth and our business's impeccable reputation is sufficient to fill out our warehouse to its full capacity since last 15 years. Banks and Financial institutions consider our services as the best in entire district.


This Partnership business is operational since 2004. They are 4 Partners. Situated at the heart of the city in the Industrial area. The land is leasehold and all permissions are granted for the warehousing activities.
Undisputed reputation among the traders and farmers. We have been in the business for the last 15 years and have maintained our edge despite fierce competition from the top MNCs.
The total storage capacity of the Warehouse is 10,000 MT but this is always full to the 110% of its capacity during the peak seasons, October & March of every year.
Then there are warehousing receipt financing opportunity available for the entire stock. On average, more than INR 20 crore rupees are financed through the receipts that are issued to the customers every year. Majority of financing is through the Banks and NBFC's only but approximately 20% of the stock is pledged to the private financiers as well. The lowest RoI that private lenders charge against the WHR is 18%. For a prospective buyer, this financing opportunity is a hidden gem that comes with this.
Furthermore, there is a 50 MT capacity electronic weighbridge also available in the warehouse campus itself. The weighbridge is the best reputed fair scale weighing machine in the town. So much that even government, when in doubt, relies on our fairness quotient! Owing to such a stellar reputation, weighbridge generates a reasonable profit for its capacity every year.
The future growth potential for this business lies in renting out the facility to governments or large MNCs who can reserve the warehouse for a longer duration while paying monthly rents.
Further, grading, sorting and packing units addition is always a possibility to enhance the revenue.
Open for a 50% Equity Stake for an amount of INR 4 Crores or an Outright Sale for INR 12 Crores.


81,000 square feet land + 48,000 sq. feet constructed go-downs + weigh bridge + software (specific for warehousing of this type and cloud based) + Good will of last 15 years.

IndustryLogistic, Storage & Warehousing LocationVidisha
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Entity typePartnership Started in 2004
Transaction TypeFull Sale
Raise Funds (via equity)
ReasonTo reduce the debt burden and increase cash flow

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