100 acre sandalwood cultivation project in karnataka. 70 acre land already purchased and 30 acres in process.

Clientele Type

Government and Private companies


100 acres farm land in karnataka. 150kms from Bangalore in Tumkur direction.

Asking Price Includes

100 acres land Compound Security - 5 security persons, electric fencing, CCTV etc 100 x 440 Trees - Maintenance Profit 50% share


I dont have funds to cultivate sandalwood for 100 acres. so i am looking for investors who can invest 25 crore

Other Details

We are planning to cultivate sandalwood on 100 acres of self-owned land.
1 acre - 440 trees
1 acre investment - 25 lakhs
1 acre profit - 5 crore in 15 years
Each sandalwood tree (after full growth) generates around 12kg of sandalwood powder annualy. For 440 trees, even after some loss, 5000kgs of sandalwood powder is generated. At market price of INR 10000/kg of powder, a conservative return of INR 5cr/acre is expected.
100 acre investment will be 25 crore
100 acre profit will be 500 crore
We are open to having multiple partners but minimum INR 5 Cr investment is needed

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