This profitable business was started in 2016. This is a platform with details of various Beauty Salons etc. They have built another platform which will be an online matrimonial website providing other services as well like Beauty Parlour,Decorators etc. They will integrate the current platform with the matrimonial platform in some time.

This will thus have both B2B and B2C models. The B2C model is generally for gathering traction. They have already forged some tie-ups with various service providers like Decorators,Beauty Salons etc.

This is most suitable for dynamic and progressive individuals, Venture Capitalists, Investors etc. The current business generated a revenue of INR 36 Lakhs with a profit of INR 12 Lakhs in the previous financial year. This is set to increase multi-fold with the new platform. They are looking for a strategic investor who can provide fresh inputs as well as the required funding. They require the funding for Digital and human capital assets. This is quickly scalable business model. They require an investment of INR 25 Lakhs


Business Expansion by Resource sharing and Addition

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