A garment or apparel shop in a prime location of Ahmedabad for full or part sale. The shop has been successfully running since February 2013 in a commercial complex in Prahladnagar area of this growing city. The shop offers various western and Indian apparel options for men and women falling above the age of 14 years. It is a rented store of 1600 Sqft. The business makes sales of around Rs. 7 – 8 Lacs per month. Profit margin is easily more than 40-50%. There are 4 employees working at the shop. Rent paid: Rs. 1,16,500 per month. Open for outright sale as well as the part sale or investment proposals. Expected price for complete sale: Rs.50 Lacs. which includes stock of 30 Lacs, and other amities.


Have a few other businesses including a factory and a restaurant in Ahmedabad. Selling because need money for another business.

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