It is a free online platform for blogging, guest blogging, open forum and social networking.
Started at 2016, it has so far published more than 1000 separate unique articles and more than 1000 writers and bloggers are registered with it.
It is completely free to use from the very beginning.
This site is ready to be sold. It has an extreme potential to grow to be the next sensation.
Its twitter follower number is (without any promotion): 3500+
Instagram followers number (without any promotion) 100+
Pinterest followers number (without any promotion) 100+
It had one facebook page till 2017 and the follower number was nearly 800. it after that does not have any Facebook page.

Its main feature is :
Blog/ Guest Blog (free)
Forum (Free)
Social Networking (Free)
All in one place.
(therefore please advertise or promote carefully because the market size is extremely large)
The site is live from August 2016.
It has published so far more than 1000 articles. its audience is worldwide. per day it has nearly 100 unique visitors.
And everything is there without any promotion.
This can be monetized in two ways:
1. You can charge for guest post and/or for do-follow link.
2. You can further promote it and make it a next-generation sensation of debate and mind exploration like Quora or
Tumblr or Medium. After that, you can use targeted ads like Facebook or Pinterest. Or you can simply go for google Adsense.
My asking price is INR 10Lakh only.

Clientele Type

More than 1000 bloggers writers are registered.
A large percentage of viewers are from Europe and USA.


leased premise

Asking Price Includes

investment amount


Lack of marketing fund

Other Details

Viewership is growing. Can be used for targeted ads.
We have GOI DIPP recognition therefore we can avail all the corresponding facilities.

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