Physiotherapy Medical Device used for treating chronic disease.
The product is made out of principles of Quantum Resonence Therapy and the same is a patented technology

Clientele Type

Physiotherapists, Hospitals treating patients for Ortho, Clinics, Sports Medicine Professional.



Asking Price Includes

The equity raised will be used for the purpose of marketing and also for deploying the products in various hospitals and physiotherapists clinics.
The funds will be used for the manufacturing or assembly of units and deployment of the same with the clients


The equity raised will be used for the growth of the business

Other Details

Project Physio is an opportunity to invest in a MedTech Innovation which has been innovated by a Physiotherapist who has 20 + years experience in physiotherapy. Out of his knowledge of various therapies and considering various experiments and experiences with his patients over last many years, he has developed the equipment which can cure many chronic deceases and is useful in speedy pain relief for the patients.
The said product is being tested on more than 400 patients which have given multiple benefits to them in recovering from their pains or chronic disease. The device would be marketed in a unique pay per use model and has been received very well by the end-user doctors and physiotherapists. This offers very good potential for revenue growth.

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