An ISO 9001 2008 Certified Company.  Welcome to BALAJI ENTERPRISES and Importers of Anti Puncture Sealant and Car Care Products  ABOUT US - Balaji Enterprises, an ISO 9001 2008 certified company that innovates continuously with seamless execution to provide its customers across the country with useful and helpful products. Innovation and technology is the main cause behind our every product. We are known for our quality and feel proud to make unique and relevant products. We believe in 100 percent customer satisfaction because a satisfied customer is the best advertisement.        PUNCTURE LOCK  Puncture lock is an anti puncture liquid which is when injected into tubeless and tube type tyres, offers permanent and instant puncture protection for the life of the tyre.    How it works  After installation, when the tyre rotates puncture lock forms a layer inside the tyre and when the tyre encounters a puncture, the air pressure in the tyre forces puncture lock to seal the wound permanently. In this process, a small quantity of puncture lock is consumed and the rest is left to seal many more punctures.  Benefits -  Seals punctures permanently.  Expands tyre life upto 10 percent.  Multiple puncture resistance.  Lowers's tyre temperature.  Reduces accidents caused by inflation.  Increases re-treadability and helps eliminate tread separation.  Seals punctures up to 4-6 mm.  Improves fuel efficiency. Improves safety,economy and drive-ability.  Useful for both tubeless and tube type tyres.  Environment friendly and doesn't harm yr tyre.


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