Profitably Hi-Tech Dairy Farm and Dairy Products Manufacturing Unit at Tamilnadu for sale.

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Product / Service

Milk, Milk powder, Ice cream, Ghee, Butter, Cream, All kind of dairy products.

Clientele type

Markets in souith india nd export


Land: 28000 acres.
Building:5 lakhs sqf, 1lakh sqf Ac.
Fully owned by single-family.
The farm is spanned 6 major locations of Tamilnadu.
Producing 12lakh litters of milk and value-added products thereof daily.

Asking Price Includes

28000 acres farm, 5lakh sqft cattle house and full fludges offices, labour and staff quarters, owners bublaows, 1lakhs cows,and other animals, full fledged dairy products manufacturing unit,fruits,coconut and other farms.


Personal reason

Other Details

Following assets are available.
1. Land - 28,000acres.
2. Building - 5,00,000 sq.ft 1,00,000 sq.ft air-conditioned).
3. Cows - 1,00,000 Nos.
4. Buffalo - 20,000Nos.
5. Goats - 30,000Nos.
6. Pigs - 10,000Nos.
7. Chicken - 1,00,000 Nos.
8. Daily milk production -*12lakhs liters.
9. Ice cream unit 1.
10. All value-added milk products manufacturing facility available.
11. Milk powder unit1.
12. Cattle feeder unit1.
13.Water filtering unit1.
14.Bungalow 3Nos.
15.Inside Road 169kms.
16. Fruit farm.
17. Coconut farm.
18. Labour - 1400Nos and quarters.
19. Transportation/logistics facilities.
20. Doctors 5Nos.
21. Compounders 15Nos.
23.Annual turn over Rs 4320 cr approximately.
24. Annual net profit 1400 cr approximately.
25. Expected payback in 6years.
26. Dairy farm locations 6.
Asking Price 10,000 cr.


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Dairy Farm

₹10 to ₹100 Cr

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