Started in 2014, this is a unique and exclusive business in the Indian market that deals in the most innovative product and has a very high demand. The business is into wall painting which is done using imported machines and technology. By using the machines and technology printing can be done on outdoor and indoor walls of any size and in any shapes. Printing can also be done on wall, wood, glass, tiles and blinds.
The current business owners want to convert the company into a corporate and give out franchise across India. They have already given out 3 franchises and 2 more are closed where they have provided the technology.
The business owners provide 100% surety of good return on investments. It has many pending orders too. They are willing to provide 3 months full support in technical and sales department to hand over the entire business. The turnover in the year 2015 - 16 was INR 64 lacs.
The business has a huge potential and the asking price for the entire business is INR 1.5 Cr. (inclusive of assets). Watch Video Clip for this Listing.


Directors are going abroad

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