Dairy Farm started in the year 2017. The farm is on 3 acres leased land next to the lake, so there is no water problem throughout the year. Monthly rent for the land is INR 10,000. There are 3 employees working on the farm. The farm has a complete setup with power backup generator, milking machine, 2 high-quality fodder cutting machine, drip irrigation for fodder growth, 3 lakh worth hydroponic setup for high-quality green grass fodder around the year(reduces feed usage). The farm has 10 high milk yielding cows (1-1st lactation, 8-2nd lactation, 1 - 3rd lactation) and 4 female calves. Promoter supplies milk to local dairy and merchant at price of INR 50 per Ltr. Last year's turnover was INR 13 Lacs and the profit was INR 7 Lacs. The asking price is INR 26 Lacs(Which includes Cattels, Shed, Machinery and Business).


Shifting Abroad

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