The mill was started in 2016 and is located in Kalmeshwar, MIDC 99 year leased land of which 96 years are still remaining with size of 10000 sq. ft. and Built up on 1800 sq. ft. with annual lease of INR 5000. The crushing capacity of the unit is 24 tonnes cottonseed. The mill has 02 expellers of size 36x6 and 33 x 5 are installed which is with load 83 HP, 21 ft. Automatic redler conveyor, 12 MT storage tank, 5 MT capacity Neutralizer refinery, Stitching machine, weighing machine and other amenities. The annual production capacity of mill is 7,500 MT. The company has separate quarter for Workers. They have total 16 employees. The company has NOC from Pollution control board. Additionally, the company has Package scheme incentives from government like cheaper electricity, Interest rate and Tax subsidies. They have their own Cottonseed cake brand and their main clients are from Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Rajasthan. The last year turnover was INR 1.2 Cr with profit margin of 8 percent. The asking price is INR 1.25 Cr.


Lack of funds

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