Registered Private Limited Company for Sale in Rajasthan

Available on Introduction
Listing IDSL002129 Ticket SizeUp to 10 lakh Last Year TurnoverAvailable on request Verification Status Pending
  • Registered Private Limited Company for Sale in Rajasthan

Business Details

The private limited company was registered on 30th Oct 2012. Planning to sell the register company wherein no transaction has been done under that. The company was ideally register to start the manufacturing and trading business. Any of the IT business or other relevant business can be started under that company name. It has receive all the confirmation, certificate and documents updated. The Asking price of the company is INR 1.5 lakhs

Last Years Gross ProfitAvailable on request EBITDAAvailable on request
Total Views1342 Last Active2+ months ago
IndustrySales & Marketing Agency LocationJaipur
Entity typePrivate Limited Started in 2012
Transaction TypeFull Sale Employees1-10
ReasonWe haven't done any business so far so planning to sell our company

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