Start new Pomegranate Planting Business in Hugli, Karnataka. Total Investment for 100 Acre land is INR4 Cr. Management fees are INR 1000000 for 100 Acre Per Annum. The investment will Include:- 1. Site selection 2. Soil and water testing 3. Complete Technical guidance up to harvesting 4. Training and complete supervision 5. Preparation of land 6. Layout – proper Alignments, pits digging etc. 7. Selection of planting materials 8. Drip line fitting 9. Planting the main field 10. Care after plantation 11. Complete plant protection guidance 12. Pruning 13. Monitoring pesticide/fungicide application program 14. We are ready to provide you full buyback for fresh FRUITS at competitive rate picked from your farms. Investment is required for disease-free plants, Cow Dung, Supper Phosphate, Neem Cake, Pit Digging, Planting, Dripping Return on investment 9 crore plz update



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