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A leading manufacturer of a very popular brand of Pipe Fittings (Rubber Gasket Joint )in CI, DI & MS is available for sale. The Company brought revolutionary change in Water Supply Industry when it helped India to replace its leaky Pig Lead Joint Fittings and made possible contamination free Water Supply at higher pressure and for longer hours. It has 38 years of experience in designing, developing and manufacturing revolutionary products to help Water Supply to be efficient, reliable and economical. In the process has acquired 27 exclusive Copyrights designs, widely accepted as standard fittings and incorporated in Tenders by many Water Supply Authorities in India because of consumer friendly use. The SSI unit is an ISO: 9001 Certified Company with current manufacturing range up to 1000 mm dia in CI, upto 300 mm dia in DI and upto 1800 mm dia in MS.Turn Over in FY 2014-15: Rs 3.98 Crore. Asking Price: 3.30 Crores.


The owners are all aged persons having no family members interested in running the business. They are settled abroad.

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