Joint Pain Formulation, Anti-Cancer, Anti-HIV, Anti-Diabetic, Anti-Alzheimer, and few more products which are researched and validated.

Clientele Type




Asking Price Includes

We are offering a 25% stake in this opportunity. We are bringing 5-10 products which not available in the entire globe as of now.


For manufacturing first batch of products and to market it for people.

Other Details

We are a group of diversified team members in which we have, A National entrepreneur award winner In Biotechnology, EDI-CIIE-IIMA, The other one who is a MD.Herbal-Gold Medalist, one more who is a Postdoc from USA, and the member who has a 25 years of research experience in Herbal formulation.
We have prepared herbal formula can also act as fast as allopathic drugs.
We are also ready to license-out formula at a single time payment if anyone is interested.
We have laboratory testing results and also ready to provide demo or more tests if investor needs.
We also have An antiCancer formula that destroys the cancer cell in 45 minutes without any single side effects and few more such formulas ready to market.

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