The company is situated in an industrial area about 3 Kms away from Vadodara airport. Vadodara city is well known for pharma industries. The approach to the manufacturing plant is easy to reach from the above-mentioned cities. This company is a Private Limited company and is in the business since 1986. The building is situated in an environment free from dust, smoke, and chemical & biological emission. The plant is surrounded by open land planted with trees, plants and garden. The manufacturing facility has been designed for logical flow of men and material and utilizes the concept of vertical material flow. The plant has been provided with all necessary arrangements to minimize the risk of errors, avoid cross contamination and mix up. We have received the WHO certification (SVP β-lactum / Cephalosporin Injectables (Small volume Parenterals and Dry Powder), TABLETS, CAPSULE & DRY SYP, GENERAL TABLETS, CAPSULE, LIQUID, ONIMENT & DRY SYP section) State GMP, & ISO 9001: 2000 certification. The ISO certification is accredited by The Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand. Asking Price: INR 26-30 Cr. (includes goodwill, land, bldg, machines, etc)


We have created a platform in full time service to the humanity (an ASHRAM). We have already dis-invested one company of ours recently.

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