Manufacturing and marketing unique gardening products

Clientele Type

Gardening Retail sector in USA, Europe, UK and others


Working out of dad's manufacturing unit currently and have to move out of the same to scale the business and meet big-box retailer compliance requirements

Asking Price Includes

percentage of equity stake


Need appropriate infrastructure to be able to supply to the Walmarts and Bunnings of the world. Raising funds to be able to acquire the same

Other Details

Their products are patented by Govt. of India and we are the only manufacturers.
The production capacity of 10,000 pieces per day.
Till now they have sold more than 5 lakh pieces worldwide.
The promoters are looking to raise funds of INR 1.75 cr to be invested to acquire a 1-acre land with 5000 sq. feet shed area. If the projections don't go as planned, the investor can sell this asset and recoup his entire investment

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