Patent of 'Hydro Ball' and Patent of 'Bio Film'

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Hydro Ball is Composit of Hetero Polysaccharides hydro particles, and natural inert minerals.
The promoter has spent more than 28 years in R&D activities.
Hydro Particle is developed from Hetero Polysaccharide of plant origin, Absorb water of 700 times of its weight and size of Hydro particle, maintains minimum moisture level of 10 – 12% even above 50 degree Celsius temperature and releases periodically. Hydro particle has natural slow release process.
Hydro ball can also be used as nutrients for plants thus it is considered as super food which can be supplied to root system of plants.
It can be placed 4” below top layer of the soil or mix it with seeds it will show it implant.

Hydro ball can be used in following sectors.
(a) Healthcare: Drug reservoir for Transdermal Patches for drug management in acute and chronic disease or disorder.
(b) Water Management: Water purification, storage and conservation, removal of arsenic, heavy metals and toxins. Collection of all type of fluids.
(c) Space technology: Collection of all type of fluid and dynamisms.
Bio Film is a compositionof TiO2, Perovskite and Mesoporous Silicon Dioxide (SiO2)
Photo Catalyst TiO2, LmNO3 which are used in Bio film offers a 360 degree broad spectrum of UV disinfection, sanitization and sterilization on method of solar irradiation even in non-presence of ultra violet rays for 90 days period and protect from Bacteria, Viruses (ssDNA & ssRNA) & Mutants, Algae, fungus, protozoan and Toxins as well as bacterial toxins. It also develops a photo catalytic thin film.
Mesoporous SiO2 offers soluble self-spreading media and helps in formation of photocatalytic thin film coverage to all type of formed (structure; capable of growth and development of Microorganisms) etc.
Bio film can be used as spraying, fogging, rubbing on open and close surface area, Hospital OT, floor cleaners, hand wash
Bio film can be used in Agro Industry as an Ultra violet thin film protection shield for crops and plant. High photosynthesis for plants is valued as growth promoter and regulator, Natural Biological Insecticide.

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