Online garment store.
Top and Bottom Combo, Jumpsuit, Dress, Work Wear, Shirts and T-Shirt.

Clientele Type

At present we are getting 10 to 15 orders per month.


We are working on our own premises.

Asking Price Includes

Asking price includes all business assets which include website, stock.


Shifting abroad.

Other Details

We are an online website with a presence on all social media platforms.
We follow a slow fashion approach where we focus on our quality rather than the quantity of our production.
Considering the growing unsustainable lifestyles, we decided to bring in organic, sustainable and eco-friendly fashion address fashion and trends across the globe.
Our products are made of 100% organic cotton. We use semi-organic dyeing but we are aiming towards achieving 100% organic as we scale up in time and operations.
We also aim at using ethical and safe methods in our products to have a cultural inclusion of worldwide cultures. Our focus is to make fashion affordable to all our stakeholders, from our customers to the environment.
All the products are designed by our team and manufactured by a third party, details of them will be shared with the buyer.

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