Prescription products, non prescription products such as OTC, vitamins, medical devices, nutritional supplements and many more. Total listing of 35,000+ products.

Clientele Type

Consumers, senior citizens, busy professionals, youth.


Marketing channels used : Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) Offline marketing : RWA tie ups, app install programs, lift branding, flyers in newspapers, newspaper and magazine advertisements.

Asking Price Includes

Entire website, mobile app, intellectual property, customers, management team and staff.


Bootstrapped right from the very beginning and now finding it hard to take it forward.

Other Details

Huge scope available as most online pharmacies that are well funded are doing well. Team comprises of one HR, one Marketing Manager, One finance executive, 4 Pharmacists, one admin manager, and two runners for delivering medicines. Bringing the total to 10 people. Management is run by one founder who is also the CEO of the current business. We do not have any inventory of our own, we operate on a just in time inventory model. The business has the customer base of more than 1000

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