Women's Nightwear and Lingerie Online platform.

Clientele Type

We get daily website traffic of 200 - 230 visitors and monthly traffic of 5000-6000 visitors.


Working from home.

Asking Price Includes

Asking price include stock in hand of INR50,000
Asking price also include Social Media Accounts, Website.


I have my own consultancy business for Digital Analytics and Marketing which is doing well so I want to exit from this.

Other Details

We have an online eCommerce shop and we sell through our website only.
We are into Women's Nightwear and Lingerie category and we aggregate brands from different vendors and sell online through our platform.
The scope is great as we get daily visitors on our website and because of the traffic, there is sales happening everyday. Everything is set, buyer just need to focus on getting the right products. All other parts of the business is automated.
All other details from where we are getting our products will be shared with buyer.
Approximate per month expenses of business are INR30,000 to INR35,000

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