It’s an online business referral platform for small business owners. It enables members to generate referrals from one another, very similar to the way BNI operates in the offline space, worldwide. It won the Economic Times Power of Ideas award in 2012, and has over 1000 small business owners registered and listed. The business has official tie ups with The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), Rotary, WeConnect, etc., where membership is offered to the members of these networks to form an online community and exchange referrals. Members can invite other members as well. The revenue model is a freemium model, where it's free to join and connect with your immediate network, but access to leads from second and third degree network etc, requires a subscription. There is also a lead generation partner plan which is provided in the premium subscription. The website is built on a very scalable backend and deploys very sophisticated ranking and connection algorithms. The Asking price is INR 2 cr


Founders are involved in an alternate business

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