The studio spaces pack a lot of punch for value, location and amenities. The art and entertainment space caters to Music, Dance and Drama events, workshops, talk shows can be the perfect setting for young people who are finding new sources of entertainment. For the individual artist or production companies, studio rentals arrangements are available to accommodate needs for the specific production at excellent prices, great facilities, and professional people.

The studio space with sound and acoustic interior scenarios, gives a controlled environment for the continuous incursion of Performances from the field of Music, Drama & comedy, Rehearsals, Special events, Classes, Auditions, Photo-shoot, Video/film shoot, Reading, Meeting, Storytelling sessions, Audio recording, seminars and special previews and screenings of Films and documentaries.

This is a perfect place for today's audience who not only wants to get entertained but also have an enriching experience, with Dynamics of the Acoustic Studio. There are 2 directors with huge experience in this field. They have chalked out the full predictions for the coming years as well. These can be shared with the interested party. They are looking for an investment of INR 1.5Cr.


Looking for angel investors for the project.

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