The running company was established in 2016 and is based in Karnal in Harayana state. The company manufactures mobile covers which are of top class designs. The manufacturing unit is in commercial building. The area of the unit is 800 sq.ft. with monthly rent of INR 6,000 . They have INR security deposit of INR 6,000. They sell mobile covers through online media. They are tied up with Amazon and Flipkart. The daily average sale is 50 pieces. The company has Sublimation machines, Printing & packing machines. The inventory is of worth INR 5 lakhs. The company has 2 employees.
The demand for mobile covers is more and the company is not having enough trained man power. The company cannot find trained man power in their location so they want to sell their business. The manufacturing unit could be easily shifted to any other place. The last year turnover was INR 15 lakhs.
The Asking price is INR 15 lakhs.


Lack of Trained Manpower in Karnal

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