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Branded Equipment for Sale!. 1) Remotely controllable and monitoring Equipment's like i) 3 Nos of 1.5 Ton Daikin Inverter Split Air conditioner, ii) 1 No of Industrial Ultrasonic Humidifier - FOGG type dispenser, 1 No of Domestic Ultrasonic Humidifier - FOGG type dispenser, iii) 12 Numbers of Culture Growth Chamber - Steel Rack size (L 4 x W 1.5 x H 8) fitted with 8 LED tube light electrical arrangements in each rack. LED tube lights (8 tube lights per rack (1 per layer) (18 Watt; 1600 lux intensity) iv) 1 No of Semi Automatic Liquid/chemicals filling machine. v) 1 Set of 178 Litre Vertical Autoclave machine with 4 Nos S.S. Basket. 2) 4 Nos of Camera with complete CCTV Setup, 3) 1 Set of S.S. Material 13 Trays with Dryer Machine. 4) 1 Set of Laminar flow Air size L4*W2*H2 with U V light, Bunsen burner & S.S. Material working table. 5) 1 set of 100 L Incubator 4 Nos of S.S. Material Tray. 6) 1 Nos of S.S. Material Portable Ozone Generator 7) 1 Nos of High Precision Weighing Machine 8) 1 Nos of Whirlpool Storage Fridge (100L) 9) 10,000 Nos of Glass Bottles size 400g Capacity with plastic Lids 10) 2 Nos of variable speed Magnetic stirrer machine. 11) 1 Nos of Lux meter 12) 1 Nos of Oxygen meter All the above mentioned equipments are Only 1 year old items for sale Also useages are just twice in a year. In addition with interior partition of following items mentioned below: 1) 1 No of 250 Sq ft. Growth room setup with HEPA filters, exhaust fan and with electrical arrangement. 2) 1 No of UV sterilization rooms and ozone gas sterilization setup are available. 3) One Air lock room at entrance 4) One Air conditioned Inoculation room setup is available. 5) One office space with Working table and chairs are available 6) one open space for cleaning and drying setups are available. 7) one Storage room for chemicals and bottle storages are available. 8) One working room setup is available. 9) One wash room is available. 10) 100 Nos of Autoclaveable Petriplate in plastic. 11) 10 Nos of U.V Tube light sets are available. 12) 24/7 power and water backup setup are available. (Diesel Generator - not included Not For Sale) 13) List of Chemicals like (from CHD, Nice & Himedia chemical company) MgSO4 (in Kg) KH2PO4 (in Kg) FeSO4 (in kg) KMNO4 (in kg) Yeast powder (in Kg) Dextrose (in kg) Agar (in kg) PDA (in kg) Urea (in kg) all are available 8. And Lab Accessories like Benson Burner MEASURING CYLINDER of 100 ml PLASTIC Two PLASTIC BEAKER of 1000 ml Borocilicate Colical Flask (500 ml) with screw cap Funnel (nos) LONG TAIL PLASTIC Surgical blade holder Surgical blade Forceps(small) Forceps(large) Scissor(small) Scissor(large) Cotton(absorbent) (in kg) Surgical tapes (white) Filter paper (whatman) Aluminium foil in kg Parafilm (tape) Head cap Shoe cap Masks tying type Gloves rubber white gloves Garbage bag (small) bio de grade Garbage bag (large) bio de grade One pair Autoclavable golves Lab coat with elastic cuff Spatula Flasks, Tilt Measure 500ml conical flask - 15ml tilt used Dextrose injection I.P 5%w/v 500ml empty bottle with airtight rubber cork Two Cork borer set Exhaust fan 5 Nos Glass jar 300gm Cap wide mouth, airtight plastic lid Transparent Gas Cylinder Regulator (cylinder) Gas Pipe Drilling Machine Tissue paper Auto cleavable Trays Total Lab setup are available to starts today itself Price negotiable

Clientele type

Pharma Industries Direct customer sales on own brand


Security deposit 100000

Asking Price Includes

All type of machineries, Interiors and accessories


Due to personal health issues couldn't able to continue as planned.

Other Details

We are a team for 4. New formula implemented to obtain quality product


₹10 to ₹200 Cr

Complete Investment Banking Solution in 120 Days

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