It’s a 5 year old web based trainings company for corporates for Medical device, Pharma, Healthcare, Biotech trade which can be expanded more. The best part of this learning is that trainers does not have to spend money for going to any location as mainly the training is undertaken online or through teleconference. Currently there are 50+ trainers who are operating from US and Canada and even the instructors also belong from there. Few Top Clients - Pfizer, Sanofi, Abbott, Siemens, Stryker, Thermofisher, PDT, Streck, Allergan etc ( US & Canada ) and also other thousands of clients taking training from them. Presently there are 10 employees who are operating from India mainly focusing on marketing, hosting, customer handling and other operational work. The members undertaking the training does not have to be specifically from the medical background. The training consist of short term courses wherein the main focus is to update the professional about the industry who are working in the medical or healthcare sector. This is a pretty unique concept and can be further expanded if spent more on the online marketing. They are also ready to train the new management and run the business for few months before the new management is ready to take over. The last year turnover is INR 2.4 cr wherein the gross profit is INR 1 cr. The expected price for this lucrative business is INR 4 cr


Health Concerns

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