Cable identification and theft protection services

We have developed a technology via unique code on a batch of microdots is registered against the owner of the asset. The code provides a direct link between the owner of the code and the assets to which the microdots are applied. When applied to items of value, microdots are used to provide irrefutable proof of ownership via the unique code on each microdot.
In simple words as chassis number cannot be changed or destroyed in vehicles, same technology goes with our unique code which we are putting in cables.

Clientele Type

Government and top Indian infrastructure companies



Asking Price Includes

IP rights to India


Licensing for Indian Market

Other Details

Cable Theft is continues to be a major problem in ESCOM, TRANSNET, PRASA, mines and municipalities’.
Thieves are caught but cable ownership cannot be proven and cable thieves cannot be convicted
With the high demand of copper cables in India this technology can be very useful.

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