Our company is well known for its brand name and respect that we possessed in last 17 years. It has gained a good name among our clients since we never compromise for Quality. The potential of our company has never failed and it is running successfully. We manufacture Gravels used for Residential Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Rural Roads, Highways and Railways. Our company is located in Dindigul which is influenced by the closer cities like Kodaikanal, Palani and Madurai. Running business along with Quarry, Crushing plant, Lorries, Compressor, Land and the available stock available for sale . It also includes land of 10.5 and 4.5 Acre each. Last year turnover Rs. 30 lacs. Asking price: Rs. 3.5 Cr.

Clientele Type

builders, real estate developers, contractors, construction company


direct marketting, word of mouth, references

Asking Price Includes

land of 10.5 and 4.5 acres



Other Details


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